Why change a good thing?


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The familiar crackle of a vintage vinyl hitting the needle strikes a nostalgic nerve, traveling straight up your spine and taking over your entire body. We’re dedicated to bringing you that exact feeling every Monday Night. With the finest collection of classics, funk+soul, classic rock + 90s hip-hop that you’ll find in OC our DJ’s offer the audience an unforgettable experience. Come to boogie or to relax in our candlelit lounge with an exquisite cocktail and you’ll soon understand why it’s the place to be on Mondays.

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A quick glance from the damsel across the bar, a stare that could cut through the smokey clouds. ”Hey daddy-o,” a gentle tap on the shoulder leads you behind that mysterious muse towards the dance floor. It’s almost as if you can physically see the notes leaving the saxophone and slithering into your ears, filling your body with enough energy to chill ya. It’s jazz baby, and it’s comin’ to you every Sunday night.

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Sweet smell of summer is taking over the air, bringing back last years memories by the lake with a cold beer in hand and the hot kiss of a burning sun. That familiar twang of an acoustic guitar reminds us of those anthems that kept us singing the whole summer through. A southern drawl charms a two-step out of anyone and a good pair o’ boots gets you steppin’. Tuesdays are our ode to those hot nights by the bonfire with nothing but good times and whiskey to fire you up. Tuesdays remind us why we love to put on a good cowboy hat and pull the prettiest little lady to the dancefloor, it’s easy livin’. Don’t worry, PBR Tall boys + picklebacks will quench your thirst if she doesn’t.



If You’ve Been To Marine Room Tavern You’ve Met Al Gandall, Aka “THE BEARD” , Aka Everyone’s Favorite Cocktail Expert This Side Of The Mississippi. Al Is One Of The Very Special Ingredients That Adds To The Magic That Is Marine Room Room Tavern. We Took Some Time To Interview This Legend And Get Down To Nitty Gritty Of What Makes Al Gandall, A Laguna Beach Favorite.

Marine Room: You’re A Staple Here At Marine Room, Your Fellow Employees Love You + Your Guests Prefer An Al Drink To Water On A Hot Day. What’s Your Journey Been Like Building Your Community In Laguna Beach?

Al Gandall: Damn That’s Super Humbling, But Crazy Fun. I’ve Been Lucky Enough To Work With Some Of The Best Bartenders In The Business. Was Here Alongside Robbie , Micah, And Dave And We They Were Really All The Old Timers And I Was The Youngest Then. Now I’m The Old Guy Here And It’s Just Been A Fun Time Growing Alongside Marine Room.


MR: You’re Everybody’s Knowledge Bank For Alcohol, But Where Did Your Love For Whiskey Begin?

AG: Love For Whiskey Began With Wine, It’s Just Like Any Other Spirit In A Sense Of It Has An Origin And A Sense Of A Place, And Once You Dive Into That You Can Kinda Just Keep Going.


MR: What’s Your Vision For The Future Here At Marine Room?

AG: You Know, I Love This Place And I Don’t See A Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be The Best Craft Cocktail Spot In OC, Especially With Our Selection Of Almost 300 Whiskeys. We Have A Killer Bar, I Mean We’ve Been Around For Over 90 Years Ya Know. I Think It’s Something We Are Moving Towards But Haven’t Really Tapped Into Yet.


MR: Mr. Brown? Mr. Pink? Or Mr. Orange?



MR: Everyone’s Got A Sh*T Bar Story, What’s Your Funniest/Worst Experience?

AG: We Have Some Regulars, Lets Call Them Sally And Joe, Lovers? Friends? I’m Not Too Sure What They Are, But They Love To Dance And Play Fight And Makeout All The Time When They’re Here. One Day They Were Standing Right There Where An Old Framed Poster Used To Be, And The Guys Tall; Mind You He’s Like 6’4, And His Wife Just Pushed His Hands Up Against The Wall And That Damn Poster Came Tumbling Down. It Was One Of Those Instances Where You Just Turn Around And Grab Their Check Like, “Yup , Ok It’s Time To Take That Back To Closed Doors. “


MR: Why The Beard?

AG: …. Because My Wife Let’s Me.


MR: Last, What Would You Tell Your Younger Bartender Self?

AG: *Smiles* Man, Drink Less.



NESTLED IN THE HEART OF LAGUNA BEACH,  Marine Room Tavern first opened its doors to the patrons of Ocean Ave. in 1934. Boasting the second-oldest liquor license in Orange County, and one of only four Class 48 (Alcohol Only) licenses in Laguna, the bar has since served as the local watering hole for 84 years strong. In that time, the bar has been able to proudly sustain the core elements that have kept the business running, while preserving the heart and charm that make it a staple of the town. Marine Room has been passed down lovingly. Through the hands of just three owners in its longstanding history. In this way, Marine Room has been able to uphold its commitment to local culture and tradition, and retain its character as a hub for community to gather. Patrons come together daily, rallying around the bar’s pool table—one of the few in Laguna Beach; meanwhile, community members seek out the bar for pivotal local elections, memorials and celebrations. Today, the bar continues to ebb and flow with the new tide of Laguna locals, serving just as much as a place to shoot pool and whiskey, as it does a place to shoot selfies and discover new music.  As it refines its style and grows through each chapter, one thing is certain: Marine Room’s doors will always remain open to the town, offering a place to gather, a place to call home—and most of all, a place to connect over a glass of whiskey.