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A Baltimore MD native, Lauren Ruth Ward is raw fortitude at its most vulnerable state.  Making music since 2012, Lauren Ruth Ward was recognized on Youtube for her collection of covers totaling over 1 million hits.  After capturing the attention of labels such as Warner Bros Records and Sony, she moved to Los Angeles CA.  She has written with world-renowned producer Linda Perry and Lauren Christy.

Drifting between worlds of loose fantasy and seductive grit, Lauren Ruth Ward’s debut self-titled EP serves as everyone’s soul lover and rebel child.  Her music floats, fluttering between wry whispers andsheer power. LRW takes you on a journey full of twists and turns while her lyrics and vocal stylings lift you above , with a promise of never setting you back down again.  Instead offinding a home settled safely on the ground, Lauren Ruth Ward harnesses the air as her foundation. It is precisely this restlessness that makes LRW one of the most distinct voices of the new generation of singer-songwriters.

Lauren’s debut EP launches on digital music markets December.

Earlier Event: November 22
Later Event: November 25