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The Desperados were started by Lou Ferns and Popeye 2 youngsters from Santa Ana as a side project, who never thought they would perform anywhere else but backyard gigs but little did they know they would soon be traveling the world, Lou Ferns also known as Slim was looking for a way out of the violence and getting into trouble with the law and this band was his savior, Lou got a call from Reb Kennedy and offered to record them and join his Record label, if it would have been 2 days later he would've been in the Marine Core and Desperados would not be around, "we just wanted something that would make our family and friends proud of us, Desperados and Wild Records was it"-Lou, The name Desperados came from a friend who is also a marine veteran and since it ment bandits and he thought we were trouble makers he named us that, "We thought the name was horrible and funny but it stuck with us and he is a good friend so we stuck with it haha"- The Desperados, The Desperados have toured the US, Europe and Australia and will keep touring, their album "On the rampage" out on wild records was a big hit and will soon come out with a new album and 45rpm, keep an eye open for these young kats, Rock"n"roll at it's finest! The Desperados encourage kids to get involved with music and stay away from gangs and drugs, Music saves lives

Later Event: March 28