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When you gather a group of exceptional, individual artists and mash them together to create one sound it can often be wild and unruly, but also truly explosive and gratifying. Stemming from all over Southern California, “The Higgs” are an eclectic combination of all things improv rock. The bands first self-titled album artfully combines influences ranging from blues to funk to R&B all culminating in an exciting, heavy rock and roll experience. “The Higgs” are first and foremost a live band that produces an overwhelming energy and a new improvisational experience every time they take the stage, making it easy for any music lover to join in on the festive dance party. Their depth of musical exploration is projected through emotional guitar lines, and provocative rhythms. Lyrically, the band all contributes their personal experiences with life, love, loss, and the constant search for purpose and direction.

-Keegan Ferraro

Earlier Event: September 14
Later Event: October 2
Russell Long