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Money Finger is an established cover band based out of Long Beach, CA. They specialize in acoustic covers of Classic Rock and 90’s Grunge. Below is a list of just some of the bands Monkey Finger covers:

• Rolling Stones
• Led Zeppelin
• Pearl Jam
• Alice in Chains
• Beatles
• Jimi Hendrix
• Queens of the Stone Age
• Stone Temple Pilots

Monkey Finger consists of two musicians; Kyle Jones and Jay Magdaleno, a unique duo because they channel the rock experience through acoustic guitars which give the music a warmer, more natural sound and take advantage the intsruments' rhythmic capabilities for the optimal live experience. It’s the same music that everyone has grown to love over the years but with a cool twist. Monkey Finger has been entertaining Los Angeles and Orange County for 4 years.

Earlier Event: July 7
Later Event: July 10