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Jason Gordon, also known as "Gordo", is a multi-instrumental looping artist originally from Alton, IL but currently based in Phoenix, AZ. Jason began playing guitar at 9 years old and soon after began learning and playing several other instruments. Jason now performs a "one man band" show using a technique called looping to build entire songs live on stage by recording and looping each instrument part as he performs, then adding each instrument as the song goes. The end result is a full band sound, complete with rhythm and lead guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, horns, harmonica, and harmony vocals. His show is performed completely live, with no pre-recorded tracks, so the audience watches the entire song being built in front of them. This is an interactive live show and is as entertaining to watch as it is to listen to.  He performs a wide variety of genres including:  Classic Rock, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Reggae, Motown, Originals, etc. Jason has truly reinvented the concept of the one man band and his unique approach to looping is a show you've got to see to believe!!

Earlier Event: July 9