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Long Beach, CA based duo that brings fresh flavor to classic R&B, Soul, and Blues.

Sarven Manguiat has over 10 years of professional experience with 2,000+ live performances under his belt. Currently touring with GrooveSession and Sister Speak, Sarven’s fluid and melodic style spans many genres including rock, blues, jazz, soul, funk, reggae, and folk. He endorses EMG pickups, Mesa/BOOGIE amps, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, G7th Capo, and Funguy Mojo Guitars.

Sophie Gentili is new to the scene. Currently a jazz vocal major, Sophia is a captivating performer whose style is a unique blend between jazz, rock, folk, and r&b. A strong stage presence grabs you, and her ability to exude emotion through a single note that’s reminiscent of Miles, holds you there.

Earlier Event: May 11
Later Event: May 13